(vervuld) Ripening Officer


Functieprofiel / Job details

Flexible and responsible

• Ripening of bananas and exotics.
• QC and/or QA background
• Responsable for the process from product entry to customer arrival.
• Coordinating and planning logistic activities.
• Act proactively.
• Managing inventories.
• You report to the Team Leader.

Functie-eisen / Key aspects

An experienced specialist in ripening

• MBO working and thinking level.
• Experience with Bananas and/or Exotics.
• Teamplayer.
• Experience with quality control is an advantage.
• Owning your own car.
• Flexibility in working hours.
• You are in command of the English language, and it is useful if you talk and understand Dutch and/or German.

• Accurate.
• Hands-on.
• Multi-cultural.
• Anticipate.
• Communicative skills.
• Responsable.
• Reliable.
• Flexible.

Bedrijfsprofiel / Company details

The Rosenbaum Group consists of several medium-sized companies that are active in the fruit and vegeta