Are you looking for a international Food Recruitment professional? We are FreshRecruitment, a specialist in Food jobs for Bachelors and Masters! We also work for companies located in The Netherlands.
We’re specialised in food recruitment, interim management, and executive search for the food industry.

food recruitmentWe focus on the clients and applicants in the food labour market. We work in a skilled and committed way, which enables us to bring candidates and client together quickly and effectively.

International Recruitment and selection food
Are you the owner or manager of a company in the food industry and are you looking for Bachelors and Masters graduates to fill a certain position at your company in The Netherlands? FreshRecruitment is specialised in recruitment and selection. So contact us now!

Executive Search / Headhunters in the Food sector
At FreshRecruitment we make sure you get in touch with the right candidate. We do this by working in a skilled and committed way.

We are a international Food Recruitment agency based in The Netherlands, focusing on the following services:

  • (Food) Recruitment
  • Executive Search
  • Interim Solutions
  • Organisational consulting
  • Business succession
  • Assessments
  • Coaching

Is a service that can help you find the right candidate in the Food industry not listed? The Food industry and labour market is constantly in motion; that’s why we as a Food Recruitment agency in The Netherlands always deliver international customised solutions.

Professionals in Food

The recruiters at FreshRecruitment have years of experience in the Food industry. In recent years many vacancies have been successfully filled (also in The Netherlands) and that is why we call ourselves the professionals in Food.

“Skilled and committed. That’s FreshRecruitment

Our strength lies in our personal and committed approach with the required knowledge of the food industry, which allows us to find the Food talents in (and outside of) our network.

Better matching of candidate and client
As a Food Recruitment agency we can find the suitable candidate for your company in The Netherlands (but of course also in the rest of the world)!

“In recruitment and selection, employer branding is now broadly acknowledged as a crucial element”

Are you looking for experts in the food sector for your company in the The Netherlands area who know what they’re doing? As a International Recruitment Agency in the food industry and/or dairy industry, you can turn to us to find the right employees for your company in The Netherlands.

FreshRecruitment always goes for the best match! Because we keep an eye on trends, work with the newest tools and pay close attention to the food industry, we always have the right data at our disposal. But also when it comes to social media, video applications, and assessment methods. The process of Food Recruitment is ongoing; it’s becoming more predictable which means we always go for the best match.

We are always innovating as a company and therefore keep a close eye on the newest trends such as data-driven HR, digital transformation, quality-of-hire, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Click on our experts page and ask our Food professionals to spar with you.

It’s important for a company to on the one hand become data-driven and on the other hand to persuade the scarce candidates within the food industry. The right sales approach is important. It’s about convincing the top candidates to apply with the right offer. It’s about, “how do you persuade the candidate”.

Now that we’re working remotely a lot (Skype, Teams, Zoom) and will continue to do so for some time, the question is: is it smart to put a location in the vacancy?
Instead of HR Manager Food – The Netherlands, you can for example add home based or remote.
Now that COVID-19 is forcing us to work remotely, the benefits of this are becoming clear. Things like fewer emissions, lower costs, more happiness and quality of life!

>> FOOD RECRUITMENT IN The Netherlands <<
Vacancies Food The Netherlands / Jobs in Food

Are you looking for Food jobs in The Netherlands or Belgium? Bachelors and Masters graduates looking for jobs in the food industry can send us their application.
But also if you as a client are looking for staff in The Netherlands, you can turn to FreshRecruitment. We match candidates with clients!

Which vacancies are currently available?
Would you like to apply for a job in the Food industry/business? Check the vacancies to see which jobs are currently available. Would you like to apply for a job in The Netherlands, but are there none listed? Then you can always submit an open application.

So keep a close eye on our vacancies page, because vacancies such as a nutritionist, sales manager, production manager, product developer, QESH or QA manager, operations manager or trader are regularly posted.

Who is FreshRecruitment?

We are the specialist in Food vacancies for Bachelors and Masters graduates.

Perhaps you searched for Food Recruitment. We want you to know that we do much more than just Food Recruitment. In addition to Food, we are for example also specialised in Agri-jobs. And also good to know, we don’t only work from The Netherlands and Belgium, but throughout all of europa (and arround the world).


“Kandidaten die voorgesteld worden zijn geïnterviewd, er is een online assessment gemaakt en waar mogelijk zijn referenties al ingewonnen. De arbeidsmarkt is flexibel en dat zijn wij dus ook.


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